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Welcome to My Online Professional Profile

Please take advantage of my online professional profile by browsing the different pages that are in the tabs above which will highlight much of my professional experience. I hope you find my professional profile useful and helpful in allowing you to learn a bit more about my professional background and qualifications. If you have any questions or comments please contact me via the email address provided in the contact section.

As a University of Florida journalism graduate, I am extremely interested in the importance of media and the ways in which it can reach wide audiences. My degree concentration was editing which forced me to focus on consistency and accuracy in writing and allowed me to perfect my communications skills. My degree, along with the vast experience I have gained, has given me the necessary skills to create, edit and analyze information to ensure that it appeals to today’s consumers. As an Internet Marketing Consultant I am constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to market our clients. I enjoy using my creativity to create internet advertisements that highlight our clients’ strong points and catch consumer’s attention. I have recently had the opportunity to write unique blog posts for over 15 well-known clients as well as email marketing copy. This experience has assisted me in learning how to write pieces that not only appeal to target audiences, but also know how to peak consumer interest and ultimately drive traffic to client websites through these posts. I have quickly created a history of successful blog posts which is exemplified through their popularity on numerous social networking sites. Through my position at Monique Jones PR I was able to master the core keys to public relations. I have worked with clients such as Harper’s Bazaar, Tod’s, eDrop-Off, Pomellato and Bucketfeet.  I have written several press releases and also assisted in editing the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce’s annual directory and weekly newsletter.

My goal is to utilize my creativity and professional writing experience to engage consumers by speaking to them in a personal manner while also fulfilling each client’s business objectives. I hope to obtain a position in the mass media industry where I will utilize my creative, organizational, and exceptional communication skills while furthering my experience.

I believe that through my past and current work experience I have acquired many of the necessary skills needed to achieve my goals. I appreciate you taking the time to view to my online portfolio and hope to speak with you soon regarding my qualifications and how I can ultimately benefit your company.


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